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Playing Lotteries Online: 5 Things You Should Know

posted on Mar 30, 2015
Would you like to discover the 5 top things you should know about playing lotteries online?

Playing the lottery has made instant millionaires out of many lucky winners all around the world. Playing the lottery online is faster and easier than going out somewhere to buy a ticket.

However, to play any of the big lotteries safely, you should observe some simple rules.

You may be wondering if it is safe... » read more

Strategies for Superdraws and Lottery Specials

posted on Mar 30, 2015

Not all lottery games are equal, but not all lottery draws offered by the same game are equal either. Take EuroMillions, for example. In a regular non-rollover draw the jackpot has a guaranteed value of €15 million, but after several rollovers the jackpot can be much higher, and in special Superdraw games the jackpot can be fixed at remarkable levels – as much as €100 million – regardless of whether or not the top prize rolls over in the preceding draws. With such specia... » read more

Why the Lotto ticket price increase isn't all that bad

posted on Mar 30, 2015

In the first week of October 2013, several changes to the UK Lotto game were introduced. Although most of those changes were welcomed with enthusiasm (namely the bigger jackpots, a bigger prize for matching three main numbers and a brand new Lotto Raffle game) one change wasn’t greeted quite as warmly.

We are of course referring to the increase in the cost of a single entry, which doubled from £1 to £2. Although that is a 100% price hike, Lotto tickets are still good... » read more

Playing Multiple Lottery Games

posted on Mar 30, 2015

Whilst some lottery players in the UK like to focus their jackpot-winning efforts on just one game, such as EuroMillions, or sometimes even on one particular draw, such as the Saturday Lotto, most lottery players in the UK enjoy participating in several different games. One question that often arises amongst such players is whether it is better to enter the same numbers for all of the games one follows, or to enter a different set of numbers for each. In this brief article we would like to hi... » read more

Strategies for Quick Pick Lotteries

posted on Mar 30, 2015
Most draw-based lottery games allow you to select your own numbers when making your entries, but a few do not. Instead, the latter type of games (such as the Health Lottery Quick Pick games on Tuesdays and Fridays) will assign numbers to players on a random or sequential basis. This means that participants cannot choose their own lucky numbers, dream numbers or similarly personal preferences. However, that doesn't mean that players can't adopt a strategic approach to such games.
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